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Check site is safe.

Check electric and water supply.

Check all padlocks and door locks work properly.

Oil gate and door hinges.

Clean windows and frames outside twice a year.

Clean gutters and flat roof at least yearly.

Paint outside gates back and front.

Ensure front outside notice board is clean.

Cut back overhanging bushes twice a tear.

Revarnish floor once a year.

Touch up paint work when necessary.

Change flourescent light tubes when needed.

Organise contractors when needed.

Put moss and weed killer down approximately four times a year.

Sweep leaves from around club site.

Bring boxes of mugs down from attic when open events use the clubrooms.

Check on cleaning materials making sure stock is ample and ordering when needed.

ie. Paper towels, toilet rolls, bin liners and handwash etc.

Put wheelie bin out once a week.


Clubroom cleaning is a separate function as is that of bookings clerk.