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The Club Rides Competition and the Role and Responsibilities of the Club Ride Secretary



There is a men’s competition for the Wessex Pint, a woman’s competition for the Cotswold Trophy and an under 18 years of age competition for the M.P. and S.J. Holliday Cup. The competition begins on November 1st and rides for 12 months, finishing on 31st October.  This allows time for the three trophies that are awarded at the January club prize giving dinner to be engraved.


Points are given for club rides only – not training rides. Club rides are all the Saturday and Sunday rides, the summer Thursday evening rides, rides like the fish and chip ride, the midnight ride and rides to the Xmas lunch and birthday tea . All members need to know when these rides are held; therefore they must appear in the newsletter or diary. They cannot be arranged ad hoc at short notice!


The points are awarded as follows – One point will be awarded for a club ride.



Everyone has had a set of Club Rules and the points system appears under the Club Ride Regulations. The Committee does have the final say.




The Role and Responsibilities of the Club Ride Secretary





To co-ordinate club rides in terms of: ride leader, proposed route/distance, and timing of the ride.





  • To produce a club rides list with date, event/pace/distance, time of start and duration for inclusion in the newsletter and on the club website.
  • To try and obtain a ride leader for a stated ride and to provide the ride leader when applicable with a key to the club rooms. Also to provide the ride leader with a Signing on Form and First Aid kit.
  • To ensure a copy of ride leaders and their contact details are kept and that their names and contact details are registered with the Cyclist’s Touring Club (CTC) to conform to the terms of Affiliated Bodies third party insurance.
  • To ensure ride leaders are given and made aware of the content and terms of the CTC Affiliated Bodies third party insurance.
  • To keep a hard copy of club members and guests attending preferably on the Signing on Form where possible.
  • To enter club rides points onto the club website and to post, when appropriate, a hard copy on the club rides notice board.
  • Attend committee meetings and the AGM to present verbal and if required written details of the club rides.
  • At the end of the Club ride year 31st Oct., notify the results for award of the Wessex Pint, Cotswold trophy and the M.P. and S.J. Holliday Cup..
  • Don’t panic! It “Will be all Right on the Day”.