·         Attends and Maintains an accurate represenatation of the Clubs general committee meeting minutes, held on a 6 weekly basis throughout the calendar year.

·         Distributes all minutes to the club committee members in a timely fashion and prior to the next general committee meeting.

·         Maintains a record of all correspondence received and distributed and presents all correspondence to the general committee either prior to or at the general committee meeting.

·         Acts as named contact for CTT, BC, N+DCA and any other organisation the club is affiliated to.

·         Issues timely notice of AGM to all club members.

·         Prepares AGM paper work i.e.  minutes of previous year, agenda and proposals.

·         Distributes AGM paper work to all members.

·         Presents annual general secrectaries report and records the minutes of the  AGM.

·         Supplies newsletter compiler and webmaster with relevant notices and other information.

·         Maintains club rules up to date and notifies members of changes.


Updated version 28/12/13 – NZ1