Job Description: A5 Rangers Treasurer
Date:  25th November 2013
The Club Treasurer is responsible to the Executive Committee, for producing and managing the Club accounts and finances; this role includes maintaining a Ledger of all receipts and invoices relating to income and expenditure for the Club.
Duties of Club Treasurer
• Ensure that adequate accounts and records are kept.
• To keep records of all income and expenditure
• Monitor the Cash Flow status of the Club finances and report to the Executive Committee meetings.
• To ensure that all invoices are paid promptly
• To ensure prompt banking of income
• To maintain up to date records of all transactions and records of income and expenditure
• To prepare the year-end accounts and present to the Auditor, the Executive Committee and to the AGM.                                                 
Skills and Qualities
• Methodical, reliable and honest
• Enthusiastic with a good knowledge of the Club and its financial position.
• Numerate, with knowledge of managing and producing accounts.
• Knowledge of accounting spread-sheets or accounting packages (e.g. Moneysoft).
Tools for the Role
The following are deemed to be essential items for a club Treasurer to have in order to do their role:
• Calculator
• A ledger in which to record money received (Remittances) and money paid out (Invoices)
• Filing system for recording and filing information
• A petty-cash box
• Previous year’s financial information
• Files to store club bank statements
• Club cheque books and paying in slips
• A personal computer with back-up facilities, access to emails and spreadsheets/accounting packages, together with on-line banking facilities makes the job much easier.