10 A5 Rangers set off from Maidford (with 1 more joining half way round) to watch Stage 4 of the OVO energy Tour of Britain. It was great to see a complete cross section of ages and fitness levels all riding together with the common goal of watching the ToB and supporting the pros.
It was a (mostly) downhill dash to Southam with the Northerly wind providing echelon practicr, then through Harbury and upto Fosse Way for the first sighting of ToB. 
This was a busy crossroads and the rolling roadblock had its work cut out.
Team Sky rolled past all together as 6, which was a fantastic sight. Then on to Gaydon for a very welcome lunch at the Malt Shovel (we weren’t the only cyclists there). Thankfully it was only 2 miles to Burton Dassett and the rolling road block was already in place at the left turn off the B4100. A very efficient member of this rolling road block team arrived with 4 of us yet to make the left turn but stopped us from doing so. For a moment, the 4 thought they’d paid the price for a leisurely lunch, but quickly realised this roadblock motorcyclist would quickly get replaced by the next one, who was much more generous and let us through.
We all found somewhere on the climb to cheer and we saw/met more familiar faces there. Needless to say, the pros rode up the climb bately out of breath and the peloton went up in 1 group, nobody off the back - impressive!
We split into 2 groups for the return leg with 1 group stopping at Harley Equestrian and the other group stopping for 2 ‘freshly trimmed hedge thorn’ punctures. It’s that time of year again!