The concept of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series

Riders who take part in one of the qualifier events held worldwide and who finish in the first 25% of their age group receive a UGFWS Qualifiers Medal and qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. The World Champions in each age group win the coveted UCI rainbow jersey.

A5 Rangers entered this 84 mile Closed Road Race in 2015 and again this year, 2016.


Riders                         Q         Qualifier Times

Ian Martin                  Q         03:27:15

Ian Baughan             Q         03:48:02

Dave Stimpson         Q         03:48:06

Darren Impey           Q         03:48:07

Andy Shaw               Q         03:50:01

Paul Ranson            Q         03:52:10        

Martin Smith             Q         03:56:19

Gary McDonald        Q         03:56:54

Steve Pullen             Q         03:58:40

Francis Rodriguez   Q         03:59:11


Andrew Overton                   04:10:21

Craig Downhill                     04:21:47

Paul Smith                            04:23:56

Charlotte Gregory                04:39:55

James Beechey                   04:39:57

Dinah Kinnear                      04:49:21

Kevin Bacon                         05:09:59

Mike McGillion                      05:27:09


There were 8,000 entrants for this World Championship Gran Fondo this year. An exceptionally well organised event and riders came from all over Europe and beyond to participate


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