Apologies for the short notice regarding the above but several members who missed out on the club's previous 100 mile rides enquired about the possibility of running one this weekend. 
Mick Holliday has agreed to take one this Saturday. Usual format – B clubrun pace, 8am start, three cafes and take lights. Destination decided on the morning although it will not be particularly hilly. 
For more info ring Mick on 01327 350498.
Club Management Meeting
Date of meeting: Monday 3 October 2017
Start Time: 7.30 pm
Location: Club Rooms


Agenda Items
Members of the club wishing to raise agenda items are requested to
submit their fully developed ideas/proposals to me by post or email no
later than
19 September 2017
This date is earlier than usual because I will be away on holiday the
week before and on the day of the meeting. Please supply the names of
proposer and seconder to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and if possible attend the meeting. Postal address on request from me
or club officials.
The agenda will be circulated to club members in advance of the
Club Officials’ Reports
Please supply a copy of your report to me either typed or hand written
and if you are unable to attend an extra copy to the Chairman for her to
read to the meeting.
Kind regards
Dennis Dale
General Secretary

The August CMM minutes can be found on the CMM minutes page

Rode the national criterium on 3rd September at Birmingham 50mins.  Plus 5 laps, 1 lap = 1 mile. 3rd place bronze medal, in with a good chance of silver in a break of 3 riders.  Lapped rest of my age group. Hundred yards from finish flat out sprint, pulled back wheel out of frame, managed to stop without falling off, lapped rider jumped of his bike, and gave it to me, I finished 3rd. He carried my bike to the finish line.



I will be leading the 'A' club-run on October 14th at 09:30 to get to the start of the freewheel at Farthingstone for its 10:30 start. All riders are welcome to take part in this FUN event.


Can all riders do so on a safe, well-maintained bike ridden up and down the hill in a safe manner. As usual the best of your two rides down count for the title


Regards, Duncan White


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