FRIDAY 23rdFebruary 2018
The initial stages of the meeting will be chaired by the General Secretary Dennis Dale. When a new Club Chairman is elected he/she will invited to take the rest of the meeting. Postal/email voting is not allowed for the election of the new Chairman but is allowed for the other positions. If a vote is not carried fresh nominations will be invited from the floor.
Unfinished Business from the AGM
AOB – New trophy required
Dates of 2018 meetings and 2019 AGM
Election of Officers to Vacant Positions
1. Club Chairman
Nominated: Jonathan Cox.
Proposed by Trevor Parrish Seconded by Murray Kirton
2. Membership Secretary
Nominated: Tim Howell.
Proposed by Elspeth Howell Seconded by Tessa Cox
3. Clubroom Bookings Secretary
Nominated: Beryl Kirton.
Proposed by Murray Kirton Seconded by Maggie Parish
4. Press Secretary
Nominated: Francis Rodriquez
Proposed by Dennis Dale Seconded by Craig Hamilton
5. If Jonathan Cox is elected as Chairman a new Runs Secretary will be required.
Nominated: Craig Hamilton
Proposed by Dennis Dale Seconded by Val Bridges
Any Other Business

There won’t be any roller training on the 14th/21st February. Sessions will resume on the 28th February through to the 21st March, with the club time trials starting on the 28th March. 



Notice is hereby given that an EGM will take place as follows:
Date of meeting: Friday 23 rd February 2018
Start Time: 7.30 pm
Location: Club Rooms
This meeting is called because following the events at this year’s AGM more than ten members have requested the General Secretary to hold an EGM in order to fill vacant club officer positions
The vacant positions are:
- Club Chairman
- Membership Secretary
- Clubroom Bookings Secretary
- Press Secretary
Members of the club wishing to nominate candidates are requested to send names to the secretary by post or email no later than;
12 th February 2018
Supply the names of proposer and seconder one of whom should attend
the meeting. The nominee must have given their permission.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postal address on request from club officials
An agenda will be issued on the 13 th February.
Following a discussion the Secretary and the Treasurer decided that due its importance, for the post of Chairman, email and postal votes will not be allowed (new rule 12(i)b see the AGM agenda). For the other positions email and postal votes will be allowed. To take decisions the minimum number of members attending is seven (old rule number 12i).
Dennis Dale
General Secretary and Acting Chairman

Following the resignation of Sue Holliday as club chairman the General Secretary Dennis Dale has assumed the position of acting chairman. Following verbal requests he intends to call an Extraordinary General Meeting early March to elect club officers to vacant positions.


To call an EGM in these circumstances he must have requests from at least 10 members, (Rule 11b) he has received five so far. 


If you agree there should be an EGM please write or email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01327 352338 for the postal address.


If the required number is received an official calling notice will be published giving at least 10 days notice of the meeting (Rule 11b again)


At the moment there are three positions to be filled.


One request has been received to debate the future direction of the club.


FRIDAY 2 nd February 2018





Minutes of the last AGM 3rd February 2017

Matters arising from last minutes




General Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report
Club runs Secretary's Report
Racing Secretary's Report
Membership Secretary's Report
Social Secretary's Report
Clothing Co-ordinator's Report
Clubroom Maintenance Coordinator's Report



General Secretary
Runs Secretary
Racing Secretary
Social Secretary
Membership Secretary
Clubroom Maintenance Coordinator
Marshal Steward
Trophy Steward
Clothing Coordinator
Points Coordinator
Clubroom Bookings
Clubroom Cleaning
Press Secretary
Clubroom Rota Coordinator




Cycling Time Trials
N and D C A
British Cycling
Cyclo- Cross League
Norlond Combine




1. Proposed Pete Semler. Seconded John Wright.

The club to buy or rent a Wattbike for the benefit of members


2. Proposed Dennis Dale.   Seconded Tessa Cox.

Request the Webmaster to provide a ‘member's only' section on the club website, separate from the Forum, to contain confidential information such as meeting minutes, club kit prices and contact details.


3. Proposed John Wright.  Seconded Craig Hamilton.

Form a sub-committee to discuss and consider the future of the club rooms. It is proposed that a review of the activities of the Club Hall be undertaken and an open letter or email sent to all members so as to allow them to express their opinions as to what we should do to increase usage or make the hall more attractive to the membership. See discussion notes below.


4. Proposed Jonathan Evans. Seconded David Gill.

Make changes to the Club website, move to an alternative hosting package and share with other club websites to facilitate improvements and reduce costs. See discussion notes below.


5. Proposed Martin Smith.  Seconded  Pete Semler.

Change to club rules. See discussion notes below.


A). The following new rule (12(i)) be inserted after existing Club Rule 12(h):


12 (i) Any item placed on the meeting agenda may be voted upon by First Claim Members by either: Voting in person at the meeting; or Voting in advance of the meeting by email or post, to the address supplied on the meeting agenda, stating a simple yes or no against each item and quoting the members full name.


a. Any vote cast by email or post must be received 48 hours in advance of the meeting.


b. A vote by email or post may be disallowed by agreement between the Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer if the agenda item is of such significant importance that a decision cannot be made without public debate.


If a vote by email or post is disallowed the decision and reason must be published with the meeting agenda.


c. If the wording of an agenda item is varied during a meeting the Chairman must postpone the vote on that item to the next club meeting if the Chairman considers it likely Club Members who voted by email or post will want to change their vote as a result.


B). Existing rule 12(j) be replaced by the following:


12 (j) A simple majority of votes cast will decide any non-Club rule issue.


C). Existing rule 16 be replaced with the following:


16. No alteration shall be made to these Club Rules and the following Racing Rules, except with the consent of a simple majority of the total votes cast. First Claim Members may vote in person at the AGM or EGM or in advance by email or post. Rule 12(i)(ii) shall apply to email and postal voting.


Future Meetings


Set date schedule for 2018 CMM's and the 2019 AGM


Any Other Business


At Chairman's discretion


Discussion Notes


Member Proposals 1 and 3 - John Wright


Increasingly the clubhouse is used less and less. Its operating costs remain relatively constant and take up a large proportion of the clubs income. A number of conversations have suggested that:-


Roller sessions are not in keeping with the current memberships approach to training  It has been suggested that a WATT bike be rented as this is a calibrated training device and can be used to improve riding style and optimise power output. It has also been suggested that we go online racing with activities like Zift using web connected Turbo trainers.


Cycle activities the club organises for its members are almost exclusively around the weekend  rides plus one TT.   There appears to be a need to offer organised events that engage large proportions of the membership (possibly an Audax etc). 


Wider considerations:


Do we need the pool table can the space be freed up.
Do we need to store so much in the back of the Hall


Member Proposal 4 - Jonathan Evans


I have put myself forward to replace David Gill as Webmaster and I may not be able to attend the AGM. If I am elected I will need approval for the following. I have moved the A5 Rangers Cycling Club website to a new hosting package which allows me to host a number of sites for a fixed amount. With this, instead of charging the club the full hosting package (£41.76), I would like to share the cost between a number of sites. Namely, my own site, the club's, and the N&DCA.


As the N&DCA hosting has (at the time of the clubs hosting renewal) just been renewed I am happy to simply split the cost with the club (£20.88 each), myself for the current term, allowing me to prep for migrating the N&DCA site, and then at renewal (August next year) split the cost three ways between the club, the N&DCA and myself, at which point I will set-up my own site on the host (which I am not in any great hurry to do).


I am of course happy to offer full transparency with this and provide access to the hosting if/when requested. And should I wish to add more sites to the host, I will discuss this with the club first and equally split the renewal cost to provide further savings. Though at this point I have no other sites in mind. Is this something you are happy for me to do?"


Member Proposal 5 - Martin Smith


All members of the A5 Rangers have the right to, and should be encouraged to, fully participate in the running and activities of the club. The running of the club is very important and affects the activities which the club's members participate in. Many members are active and engaged in the running of the club, however, many other members are not able to participate in the same way due to family, work and other commitments. To avoid prejudicing the rights of members and for decision making to be as inclusive as possible amendments are proposed to the Club Rules to introduce email/ postal voting.


This proposal does not intend email / postal voting to be used as a substitute for attending club meetings, to prevent discussion and nor is it intended to be the primary method of voting. It is instead intended as a supplement to voting in person when members cannot attend a meeting and it has the aim to encourage and grow participation in the club we all enjoy.

Club subs become due on 1st January.
Rates are Senior £25, Married/Partner £35, Family £40 and Junior £6. 
For online payment, please contact the Treasurer for details
Cheques payable to A5 Rangers CC can be posted to
me at 20 Link Way Towcester NN12 6HF. Cash and cheques can be put through my letter box or
see me at the start of most Saturday morning clubruns.
Thank you,


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