Rode the east Anglian tt.  Course E2/10 on Thursday 29th June 2017,managed a best ever  time P.B. OF 0-24-14  ave.speed of 24.7 MPH. Murray

The 2017 AGM minutes are now available 



Hi, a5 members. Just back from Tenerife, stayed on the costa H10 Adeje palace hotel.great place  to stay ,3 outdoor swimming pools, and Jacuzzi, great food, ihired a bike from bike4youtenerife.Delivered to the hotel ,very good service.If you are into hills,this is the place to go.20minute climb at the start of every ride to get to the coast road.Then its up and down all of the time, no flat roads. My longest climb was 10k rising to 700metres. 30 minutes up 10 minutes down,through banana plantations .If you are serious riders this is the place to go ,what a great holiday,almost certain to be going back. Not this year though.!

Following decisions made at the AGM, dates for CMM’s in 2017 were agreed to alternate between Mondays and Tuesdays and fixed as follows:


Monday 3rd April

Tuesday 6th June

Monday 7th August

Tuesday 3rd October

Monday 27th November


The November date was chosen to avoid preparations for Christmas




It was also agreed that the next AGM will be held on Friday 2nd February 2018


All meetings will start at 7.30 pm


Dennis Dale

General Secretary

A5 Rangers CC

Club Management Meeting




Date of meeting:                  Monday 3rd April 2017

Start Time:                            7.30 pm

Location:                               Club Rooms


Agenda Items


Members of the club wishing to raise agenda items are requested to submit their fully developed ideas/proposals to me by post or email no later than

26 March 2017


Supply the names of proposer and seconder and if possible attend the meeting.


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Postal address on request from me or club officials


The agenda will then be developed and circulated to club members in advance of the meeting.



Club Officials’ Reports


To assist with accurate minute taking please supply a copy of your report to the secretary either typed or hand written.



Kind regards



Dennis Dale

General Secretary

The following positions are up for re election at the AGM

Listed next to them are the current holders and if they are wiling to be re elected. Please do not hesitate to step forward to fill any vacancies.

Sue Holliday







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