Following decisions made at the AGM, dates for CMM’s in 2017 were agreed to alternate between Mondays and Tuesdays and fixed as follows:


Monday 3rd April

Tuesday 6th June

Monday 7th August

Tuesday 3rd October

Monday 27th November


The November date was chosen to avoid preparations for Christmas




It was also agreed that the next AGM will be held on Friday 2nd February 2018


All meetings will start at 7.30 pm


Dennis Dale

General Secretary

A5 Rangers CC

Club Management Meeting




Date of meeting:                  Monday 3rd April 2017

Start Time:                            7.30 pm

Location:                               Club Rooms


Agenda Items


Members of the club wishing to raise agenda items are requested to submit their fully developed ideas/proposals to me by post or email no later than

26 March 2017


Supply the names of proposer and seconder and if possible attend the meeting.


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Postal address on request from me or club officials


The agenda will then be developed and circulated to club members in advance of the meeting.



Club Officials’ Reports


To assist with accurate minute taking please supply a copy of your report to the secretary either typed or hand written.



Kind regards



Dennis Dale

General Secretary


The club's subs were increased at the AGM held on Friday 3rd February. Subs are now Seniors £25, Couples £35, Families £40. This is effective as from the end of the AGM so anyone now joining/rejoining will have to pay the new rate.

Just as a matter of interest, the club last increased its subs in Feb 2008.

Mick Holliday, Membership Secretary.

It is with sadness that I have to report the passing of Margaret Cafe on 17th December 2016 aged 85. Although not a founder member of the A5 Rangers CC, Margaret joined the club in early 1949 and remained a member until her death. She both raced and participated in club runs and Youth Hostel weekends during her membership and, indeed, still holds three of the club's ladies' team records. I have vivid memories of riding with her on numerous clubruns during the eighties and nineties and she was always cheerful and matter of fact about things, no matter what the weather or terrain threw at us. In addition she and Graham cycled together all over the UK from Cornwall to Cape Wrath.


She did a great deal for the club off the bike too, ably supporting Graham in all his efforts to secure our current clubrooms and improve them to their current state. She then took on the job of clubroom cleaning and kept them in excellent condition.


All this was recognised by the club with her being made both a life member and a Vice President. She also twice won the Jubilee Trophy in 1989 and 2005.

Outside of cycling she also found time to help raise funds for the NSPCC and was a valued member of Towcester Choral Society. She was particularly proud of singing with them several times at the Albert Hall as well as local venues.


Unfortunately she suffered from Alzheimer's Disease in the last years of her life but was cared for at Clare House, Silverstone where she died. She leaves a husband, Graham, three children, Janet, Richard and Elizabeth, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She will be sadly missed

The following positions are up for re election at the AGM

Listed next to them are the current holders and if they are wiling to be re elected. Please do not hesitate to step forward to fill any vacancies.

Sue Holliday






Please find the agenda at the following link
Also some explanation notes on members’ item 5 regarding shop front grants.

The SNC offer is for the full 50% grant that was asked for to improve the front of the club house.

I will propose at the AGM that we accept the offer which will give members the opportunity to consider the financial aspect, ie. £2522.50 from club funds.  I won’t sign the acceptance until after the AGM.

I stated in the application that we would carry out work in the spring, that was thinking mainly about bricklaying but the doors could be renewed before then.

I presume we would have to pay bills up front before receiving the grant but I will check on that. It could be that we would first have to raid the funds for the full amount.

Copy of email from SNC below

Dennis Dale


From:Katie A
Sent: 20 January 2017 14:50
Subject: South Northants Council - Shop Front Grants - A5 Rangers


Dear Dennis,


I am pleased to inform you that your grant application to South Northamptonshire Council for Shop Front Grant funding has been successful.  Please find attached confirmation letter of this award.  Please read through the letter and terms and conditions of the grant then sign and return a copy to me.


If you would like to discuss the grant offer, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.


Best wishes



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