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This is the second of the three articles about our clubrooms that appeared in the club magazine and takes us to the early 80s.


Following on from ' A Home of Our Own ' I thought you might also be interested to know how the Clubroom was ' repaired, renewed and modified ' as our editor put it.


The front of the building looked the same as it does now except that protective plastic has had to be put over the windows because of vandalism. The rest of the building behind its brick facade was an Army-type wooden hut raised on the low brick wall now painted blue and it was lined with fibre board. The original floor is of paving stones and when we first moved in there was a hole in it, presumably where the Church safe had been. Before this was covered a tin was put in which contained a Club badge , magazine, etc for posterity to ponder upon.  


The priest's room was were the kitchen is now but much smaller. At least there was a washbasin in there which meant that the water was already laid on at that end. The entrance lobby and wash rooms were created from reclaimed timber and plasterboard.  The gent's loo could only be entered from the passageway outside and what is now the ladies' loo was the old confessional! That is where the double doors came from. The actual installation of the of the ladies' loo was one of the very few jobs we couldn't do ourselves. The big cupboard was just a recess where we assumed the church organ had stood.


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