Please can all trophy holders return trophies to the clubrooms on one of the following dates. Saturday mornings 10th,17th, 24th November. Or Monday 26th November  at CMM


Thank you,


Dave Stockley

Trevor and Murray will be organising Roller Racing in the clubrooms at 7:30pm on November 2nd, 16th, 23rd and possibly 7th December.

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With the 2018 club time trials now over, it is once again time to thank those people who race little or not at all, but who help us in the series of races.


Our thanks go to pushers-off, timekeepers and marshals who were Sue and Mick, Pete Warner, Jonathan Cox, Duncan, Janet, Steve Pullen, Steve Lincoln, Neill Boddington, Keith Mason, John Wright, Martin Smith, Chris Latham, Pete Semler, Derek Moyle, Craig McLeish, Liverpool Dave, Alex Brawn, Jonathan Evans, Alan Hogg, Harold, Lee Williams, Tessa Cox, Ricki, Dave Neill, Rob G, Dennis Dale, Ron Critchley, Peter Coomber and Maggie.


Special thanks go to Owen Brunsden for saving us going to marshal the far turn on the 25 on many occasions……Trevor Parrish.


The minutes of the October CMM are available on the website under About Us / Club Meetings / Meeting Minutes


A copy of these minutes has also been placed on the Club Room notice board.

On Sunday 2nd December at 4pm their will be a Birthday tea party celebrating the clubs 70th year.

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