Both now home (or iminently), Craig has a fractued knee cap and is plast hip to toe; Duncan in a neck brace, his report (28/6/18) from hospital bed explains all: "I've just had hospital 'parole' application passed and should be 'released' later today! Neck brace on to protect fractured vertebra and compressed vertebral artery, so no cycling for 2/3 months😡. Very many thanks to all A5C who given such support to Juliet and me, with special thanks to F, M, P and A. I really am most grateful. Hope to see you all back on the road before end of summer." In the event it looks like he may not be home until the weekend.


(Sadly, Duncan O'Neill and Craig Downhill were hit by a car on the sunday ride. Both have fractures but should make a full recovery. I am sure all will join with me in wishing them all the best for a speedy recovery.)