This trophy, given by James Bolland and presented for the first time in 1977, will again be presented at the forthcoming Dinner.


Just a brief reminder of what this is about. You can nominate any class of member for this award, first claim, second claim, family, associate etc. To qualify they must have given outstanding service either to the A5 Rangers C.C. or to cycling as a whole or a combination of both. Personal racing success doesn’t qualify as this brings its own rewards. Take a look at the previous winners of this award and then take a look at the present members of the club. Has someone done good work for the club in the past and just missed out on the award at the time or is there someone working hard now who deserves to be recognised. Also don’t forget that previous winners can be nominated again, provided it is for a different reason to the one they won the trophy for before.


for further details and nonmination slip, please follow this link