Please find the agenda at the following link
Also some explanation notes on members’ item 5 regarding shop front grants.

The SNC offer is for the full 50% grant that was asked for to improve the front of the club house.

I will propose at the AGM that we accept the offer which will give members the opportunity to consider the financial aspect, ie. £2522.50 from club funds.  I won’t sign the acceptance until after the AGM.

I stated in the application that we would carry out work in the spring, that was thinking mainly about bricklaying but the doors could be renewed before then.

I presume we would have to pay bills up front before receiving the grant but I will check on that. It could be that we would first have to raid the funds for the full amount.

Copy of email from SNC below

Dennis Dale


From:Katie A
Sent: 20 January 2017 14:50
Subject: South Northants Council - Shop Front Grants - A5 Rangers


Dear Dennis,


I am pleased to inform you that your grant application to South Northamptonshire Council for Shop Front Grant funding has been successful.  Please find attached confirmation letter of this award.  Please read through the letter and terms and conditions of the grant then sign and return a copy to me.


If you would like to discuss the grant offer, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.


Best wishes