Last year (after months of putting myself off) I eventually plucked up the courage and took part in my first ever time trial. I was really nervous about it and did not know what to expect at all.

On the evening of the time trial I was so nervous and felt really sick, I was worried about being held up at the start as I felt that I was going to fall off my bike and I was also worried about being the slowest and coming last.
When I arrived at the start everyone was really supportive and happy to see me taking part. I was held up with no problems and it actually felt very safe and secure. I rode the 5 miles as fast as I could and was really pleased with myself despite being overtaken by a few people.
After the ride it was a great buzz I think I was the slowest but it didn’t matter. I had done it and it was a good feeling my fellow club members were very encouraging and I was soon looking forward to the next ride when I could beat my time.

Ever wondered just how quick you could cycle a set distance, either just to see what you were capable of or to see how you compared with your friends in the cycle club? Well if you are aged 12 or over then a time trial is the event for you.

The A5 Rangers cycle club's time trials are a perfect place to try out time trialling in a friendly and welcoming environment. So why not come along and give it a go. We even run a series of 5mile events which will allow anyone of any fitness level and ability to try it out. You are also welcome to come out and watch what goes on should you wish to. You can view details of the club time trial events in our diary or click on the time trial area of the website. (if you are under 18 please make sure you have contacted the race secretary beforehand as you will need a signed parental consent form which will be valid for a year)
So what is involved:

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