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Racing in the A5 Rangers:
There are two main types of on-road racing in the UK, massed start (normally referred to simply as "road racing") and Time-trialling, where riders set off at 1 minute intervals to cover a set course against the clock. Time trials are normally over a fixed distance, e.g. 5, 10, 25, 50 miles, so that riders can compare their performance against previous attempts, although the course and weather conditions will also affect times.

The A5 Rangers are, predominantly, a time-trialling club and the following paragraphs describe the key events and courses we use.

Club 5 Mile Time Trial:
The A5 Rangers are, as far as we know, unique in offering a series of 5 mile time trials in the cycling world (in the UK at least). This distance is intended as an entry for untried racers such as young aspirants. This is not to say that experienced riders do not ride them or enjoy riding them, they do and frequently.

There are awards for this distance for both juniors and seniors which are keenly sought after. We provide two courses for this event.One course starts at Whittlebury and proceeds south to turn at the Lillingstone Lovell fork. It then returns to Whittlebury. The other starts just north of Silverstone and turns at the entrance to Silverstone Ciruit before returning to Silverstone.

Club 10 Mile Time Trial:
At the time of writing this, our normal 10 mile course is a testing circuit with several inclines, which although not severe are nevertheless hard. There is also a relatively flat 10 course based near Tingewick. The Greens Norton course starts in the village and proceeds to Litchborough, Maidford, Blakesley before returning to Greens Norton. It is on quiet roads with very light traffic volume and is a favourite with club-men and women and members from other clubs. There are plans to introduce another 10 course on less demanding terrain using the Silverstone roads but that is for the future. The fairly flat 10 mile at Tingewick proceeds to Brackley and returns to finish near the start.

There are also trophies and awards for this distance, which is for the more experienced rider and can be seen as the second stage in the development of a rider who has progressed through the 5 mile races.

RACINGClub 25 Mile Time Trial:
The 25 mile time trials are for the more accomplished and race-experienced rider. The 25 mile course starts near Duncote and heads to Litchborough and then Sulgrave before retracing to Duncote. Again, there are trophies and awards for this distance of racing.

Club 50 Mile Time Trial:
The Club no longer has a 50-mile course of its own. Instead we use another club’s course and one of their events to ride for the trophy and cups on offer. This distance is definitely for the experienced and fit rider and inexperienced riders are not encouraged to ride for 50 miles in racing mode. Progression to this distance should be gradual and through the 5 mile, 10 mile and 25 mile route. Some riders actually prefer 50 mile events to 5 and 10 mile events.


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