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I have put a form up for marshal volunteers and had a grand total of one reply. With this level of commitment i am not willing to organise events. semler



Please enter dates you are available to marshal on the form HERE.



Marshalling is compulsory for competitors but help from other members is gratefully received.



I've set out the provisional TT calendar for 2019, you can find under 'Races and Training' tab. Last season was pretty low participation and marshals were hard to find, there's quite a few changes for the coming season to try to encourage more riders and to ease the burden for helpers:

  • all events are either 5 miles or 10 miles 
  • a majority of the 10mile events will run on a new out-and-back course from Salcey Forest to Wootton
  • for May to Aug, the first week of the month will be a shared event with Wootton Tri club
  • there's also 3 weeks where we share the running with 45 Road Club on their Salcey-Quinton course
  • a couple of the 10mile events will have an option to ride as 5mile
  • as encouragement for less committed testers there's a non-aero event, road bikes only and no pointy hats ...


There's a couple of approval stages before the calendar is fixed, but hopefully there won't be any changes.

Records Database

I've put a date in the calendar for Tuesday 18th as a meeting to discuss date setting for Time Trials next year. Feel free to suggest alternatives if that day doesn't suit. 


Any input from the more occasional TT riders would be welcome - you can email suggestions to help increase participation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Name Age Club Time
Emilia Fletcher 16 Guest 15.52
Sue Holliday 59 A5R 17.28
Claudia Trotman 24 Guest 15.49
Murray Kirton 75 A5R 14.08
Craig McLeish 52 A5R 14.16
Charlie Smith 17 TMK 13.21
Reuben Smith 14 TMK 14.07
Andy Smith 46 TMK 12.45
Alex Brawn 41 A5R 14.28
Sergio Marques 43 Guest 15.15
Charlotte Gregory 26 A5R 14.14
Jay Curtis 44 Baines 13.32
Jack Pinchin 14 A5R 14.49
Darren Impey 46 A5R 13.09
Matt Longman 44 Baines 12.15
Lloyd Storey 34 Mercedes 14.02
Pete Trotman 62 A5R 12.19
Joel Sweet 16 Corley Cycles 13.46