The Best All-Rounder Competitions have reached their conclusion with the following results:



JUVENILE BAR with the best 2 x miles and 2 x 10 miles


Position Name Overall Average Speed (mph)
Runner-up Sophie Cox 17.731
Winner Jack Pinchin 22.389



JUNIOR BAR with the best 2 x 10 miles and 2 x 25 miles


Position Name Overall Average Speed (mph)
Winner Jack Pinchin 21.474



SENIOR BAR with the best 1 x 25 ,1 x 50 and 1 x 100 mile times


Position Name Overall Average Speed (mph)
Winner Murray Kirton 21.527



CALLAGHAN CUP for the most improved time triallist


Position Name Points
1st Murray Kirton 1100
2nd Jack Pinchin 339
3rd Kyle Kirton 244
4th Sophie Cox 186



Well done to all. Duncan White

Reminder for any club members who need to return their trophies, please return to David Stockley at the club room on Saturday 11th or 18th November. Alternatively, please ring David on 01327 342467 to arrange your return. Thank you.


5 miles pts 10 miles pts 25 miles pts
Lee Williams 16 Alex Brawn 17 Alex Brawn 14
Kyle Kirton 11 ½ Murray Kirton 12 Murray Kirton 5
Sophie Cox 10 ½ Jack Pinchin 12 Jack Pinchin 5
Mattdew Elliot 10 Graham Martin 11 Rob Griffin 4
Jack Pinchin 9 Kyle Kirton 9    


With the racing season now over it is time for us to thank the non-racing members for their help in pushing off, timing and marshalling also those that have done more than their obligatory number of turns. Without such help we would all have to do more turns.
So thank you to:-
Sue Holliday, Janet Cafe, Pete Warner, Mick Holliday, Dave Stockley, Chris Latham, Owen Brunsden, Pete Coomber, Roddy and Jane Grant, Jonathan Cox, John Wright, Duncan White, Chris Brown and Jacqui Maull, Ricki Goode, Keith Mason, Dave Neill, Harold Pratley, Scott Middleton, Maggie Parrish, Dennis Dale, Derek Moyle, Clayton Jones, Steve and Quinlan Lincoln and Luke Thomas.
Thank you all. Trevor Parrish.

Rode the national criterium on 3rd September at Birmingham 50mins.  Plus 5 laps, 1 lap = 1 mile. 3rd place bronze medal, in with a good chance of silver in a break of 3 riders.  Lapped rest of my age group. Hundred yards from finish flat out sprint, pulled back wheel out of frame, managed to stop without falling off, lapped rider jumped of his bike, and gave it to me, I finished 3rd. He carried my bike to the finish line.