5 miles pts 10 miles pts 25 miles pts
Lee Williams 16 Alex Brawn 17 Alex Brawn 14
Kyle Kirton 11 ½ Murray Kirton 12 Murray Kirton 5
Sophie Cox 10 ½ Jack Pinchin 12 Jack Pinchin 5
Mattdew Elliot 10 Graham Martin 11 Rob Griffin 4
Jack Pinchin 9 Kyle Kirton 9    


Rode the national criterium on 3rd September at Birmingham 50mins.  Plus 5 laps, 1 lap = 1 mile. 3rd place bronze medal, in with a good chance of silver in a break of 3 riders.  Lapped rest of my age group. Hundred yards from finish flat out sprint, pulled back wheel out of frame, managed to stop without falling off, lapped rider jumped of his bike, and gave it to me, I finished 3rd. He carried my bike to the finish line.



 We are past half way in our club time trial calender for 2017 but we still have a few more marshalling slots to fill at the end of July/beginning of August. After a risk assessment review we have had to find an extra marshal for a couple of the courses. Ring Trevor Parrish on 01604 764182  

On 16th July, 10 riders (past and present) from A5 Rangers took part in the Etape du Tour. This is the same route the Tour de France will take on 20th July with 113 miles and 12,000 vertical feet.

12,162 started in total, but only 11,207 finished meaning 955 didn’t finish. Despite the distance, climbing and temperature rising to 36C on the final ascent to Col d‘Izoard, all 10 finished with times and positions below.

A special congratulations to Darren for a truly impressive time and beating ex-pros Frank Schleck at 7:44:39 and Thor Hushovd at 7:04:36, but also congratulations to all 10 as just finishing this event ahead of strict broom wagon with time limits is a massive achievement! The support from the locals and tourists was incredibly, offering support, food, drink and very welcome pouring of water over head and down back. A truly amazing event that will not get forgotten.


Darren Impey 7:03:25 1457

Craig Farr 8:16:37 4300

Dave Stimpson 8:20:32 4482

Mark Conway 8:45:20 5653

Craig Downhill 9:15:18 7058

Paul Ranson 9:21:08 7287

Martin Smith 9:44:34 8273

Andrew Overton 9:56:12 8715

Mark Bladon 9:56:16 8721

Francis Rodriguez 11:33:26 1102


Thanks to Martin Smith for the words - his ride can be seen at https://www.relive.cc/view/1086741094


       5 miles                                   10 miles                                        25 miles

After 5 races                               after 3 races                                 after 1 race.2nd event null and void


Lee Williams 12 points             Graham Martin 7                         Jack Pinchin 5

Sophie Cox 9 ½                         Alex Brawn 7                               Alex Brawn 4

Jack Pinchin 9                            Matthew Elliot 6                           Ian Ellis 3

Pete Trotman 7                           Ian Ellis 6                                     Joey Wood 2

Clayton Jones 6 ½