Name Age Club Time
Sue Holliday 59 A5R 37.22
Jane Grant 55 A5R 32.13
Neil Rimmer 46 A5R 30.24
Charlotte Gregory 26 A5R 30.58
Max Belcher 26 Guest 31.02
Martin Williams 46 A5R 28.42
Murray Kirton 75 A5R


Pete Trotman 62 A5R 26.04
Graham Martin 42 A5R 24.35



Wekcome & well done Neil & Jane

A5RCC Race Secretary’s report 1/8/2016
All racing proceeding normally as far as i know.

Food for thought:

  1. Cub exists to promote cycling
  2. I am Race Sec. but am not inclined to partake in club TTs.
  3. I was encouraged by Club members to enter Ride London
  4. I didn’t realise there were so many cyclists in the World, never mind London: 29,000 entrants!
  5. Average at our time trials: 9.5 (& that boosted by Mercedes)
  6. Club membership about 150
  7. My guesstimate of clubs in UK: C 500
  8. Ride London entry divided by UK clubs: 58
  9. A5R members entering Ride London: 13

CONCLUSION: Ride London is much more attractive to cyclists than our TTs

QUESTION: are we promoting competitive cycling as best we can?


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