Could all members intending to take part in club time trials please remember that after their first one they must have their name down on the marshalling list BEFORE they can take part in another one.
Your name must be on the list BEFORE you turn up for your second one. Ring Trevor Parrish on 01604 764182 to book your marshalling slot.
This may seem rather draconian but this has been club policy for many years now. Without a timekeeper, marshals and a pusher off on a particular evening the time trial will not be run.

2017 TT Calendar below: Time to fill out all your Wednesday evenings from the end of March...


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Name Age Club Time
Emilia Fletcher 16 Guest 15.52
Sue Holliday 59 A5R 17.28
Claudia Trotman 24 Guest 15.49
Murray Kirton 75 A5R 14.08
Craig McLeish 52 A5R 14.16
Charlie Smith 17 TMK 13.21
Reuben Smith 14 TMK 14.07
Andy Smith 46 TMK 12.45
Alex Brawn 41 A5R 14.28
Sergio Marques 43 Guest 15.15
Charlotte Gregory 26 A5R 14.14
Jay Curtis 44 Baines 13.32
Jack Pinchin 14 A5R 14.49
Darren Impey 46 A5R 13.09
Matt Longman 44 Baines 12.15
Lloyd Storey 34 Mercedes 14.02
Pete Trotman 62 A5R 12.19
Joel Sweet 16 Corley Cycles 13.46


Records Database

Apologies folks, but I have had to make a few corrections to the Handicap tables after some Gremlins and hitches .Results are as follows....

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