A big thankyou to all who turned up to ride or support the club at tonight's event.


Particularly to those who lent their new kit, and to Tess and Jon for sorting it out.

Race secretary's report for the CMM to be held on 19th of April 2016


This report falls into three areas:


  1. Club time trials: First three time trials have been run with good attendance at all, the numbers being 10, 17, and 25 at the first Greens Norton 10 mile. There are no problems as far as I know. Anyone with a question or comment is welcome to contact me and I will do my best to answer it by Email or on the forum as I will not be at the CMM.


  1. The reporting and publishing of results for time trials: I'm doing my best to get the results of each time trial on the website as quickly as possible . The way I plan to work it is as follows, if I've been sent a photograph of the handwritten results I will stick that up on the A5 Facebook page, and  in any case, I intend to fill in the main result spreadsheet as we go on and stick a link on the A5  website once this is done. This will also appear on the A5 Facebook page.


(Many thanks to Graham Martin who regularly photographs and shares the results of time trials he does).


I would be grateful if timekeepers could send results as soon as possible after the race in a table format, or better still in Excel. If it helps I'm quite happy to do a Google form to be filled in after each time trial but as the runners are often the same as previously I have my doubts.  Many thanks to all the time keepers anyway.


  1. Silverstone 9 up team time trial which is to be held on the 10th of June at Silverstone starting at 6 p.m:  Listed below are the people who have signed up to the team time trial.  You will notice that we have barely enough for the two teams we have entered, so we really could do with more people as we are likely to lose some on the night.


I think the club should consider whether it wants to enter two teams next year given the response.


Entrants to Club time trials are expected to marshal and I think it would be appropriate for entrants to the 9 up time trial also to do a stint of marshalling,  although hopefully we don't need to make this mandatory.


List of those entered to the 9 up team time trial:


Mixed team

Paul Ranson

Mens / General Cat. team

Andrew Shaw

Mens / General Cat. team

Gary MacDonald

Mixed team

Charlotte Gregory

Mens / General Cat. team

Ian James Ellis

Mens / General Cat. team

Rob Griffin

Mens / General Cat. team

Ian Baughan

Mixed team

Dinah Kinnear

Mens / General Cat. team

Graham martin


Mike Mcgillion

Mens / General Cat. team

Chris Mason

Mixed team

Jonathan Cox

Mixed team

Val Bridges

Mixed team

Mike McGillion

Mens / General Cat. team

Ian Martin

Mens / General Cat. team

Stephen Pullen

Mixed team

Jack Pinchin


5 miles                                                                                             
Graham Martin 16pts                                                               

Rob Griffin 7 1/2                                                            

Pete Trotman 5 1/2                                                                     

Chris Mason 5                                                                     

Andy Shaw 5                                                                                                    

Mike McGillion 5

Amy Jelley 5 


10 miles 

Mark Avil 8pts

Alex Brawn 7 

Rob Griffin 7

Mike McGillion 6


25 miles

Graham Martin 10 pts

James Beechey 5pts

Rob Griffin 4

Trevor Parrish 4

Mike McGillion 4