The results of the last 2 races of the year are as follows…

HILL CLIMB  at Weedon         HILLY 15 at Duncote


Graham Martin 3’40’’              Pete Trotman 42’03’’             

James Beechey 4’10’’            Graham Martin 42’39’’

Rob Griffin 4’12’’                    James Beechey 42’55’’

Luke Thomas 4’27’’                Vincenzo Pratley 43’51’’

Trevor Parrish 5’03’’               Rob Griffin 44’39’’

Charlotte Gregory 5’19’’         Trevor Parrish D.N.F. Puncture

Duncan White 5’20’’              


Thanks to the timekeepers,marshals,helpers and Trevor and Maggie for the refreshments on a morning when we were inspired by the feats of our Lizzie Armitstead at Richmond the day before.



The Time Trial  South East Midlands District Council is running its AGM on the 28th Sept, If you wish to attend contact Peter Semler


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the South East Midlands District Council will be held on Monday 28th September 2015 at 7.30pm at the Rockingham Forest Wheelers clubhouse, Ashley Road, Middleton. This notice and attachments is being emailed and posted.


Agenda 2015 AGM

CTT Matters Newsletter August 2015

Graham Martin 16 1/2 pts
Vincenzo Pratley 10 pts
James Beechey 9 pts
Pete Trotman 9 pts
Rob Griffin 7 1/2 pts
Alex Brawn 7 pts

Results for tonight’s 25 mile TT are as follows:


1. VJ Pratley                       A5 Rangers         17           1:12’53

2. Murray Kirton               A5 Rangers         74           1:16’47

3. Pete Trotman               A5 Rangers         61           1:07’40

4. James Beechey            A5 Rangers         25           1:05’53

5. Ian Martin                      A5 Rangers         39           1:09’21







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