On Sunday 23rd it's the club's annual Hill Climb competition

For those not familiar, it's straightforward in theory - ditch the bidons and saddle-bag and ride 1 mile up Weedon hill as fast as possible. See strava.com/segments/2483325 for the course. Graham has been victorious for the last few years, but maybe this year a young challenger can step up? Everyone is encourged to come along Sunday morning and ride, or to support the riders who do compete.


Following on from that, there's a more standard 10m TT on the Greens Norton course at 10:30. It's not mandatory, but I'd encourage riders to make that an 'Athlete's 10' with road bikes - that would maybe even the competition and save swapping bikes between events.


Sign on before 8:45 for the Hill Climb, and before 10:15 for the 10m TT.