Acting Chairman- Steve Cockell

Steve Cockell

Secretary - duncan white

Hello All, I am the Club Secretary and am a longtime member of the club. I enjoy the occa-sional leisure rides and have enjoyed out evening Time Trials for many years. I also do the timing of the TT runs from time to time.

Duncan White

treasurer- john wright

Details & photo to follow.

Runs secretary - michael stern

I have enjoyed cycling from childhood. I completed my first road trip on my Rudge 3 speed bike in 1968 riding from Long Island, NY to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country passing through Philadelphia, PA to see the Liberty Bell on the way. I bought my current touring bike in 1972 which I still enjoy riding today.
Michael Stern

racing secretary - Pete Trotman

Details to follow.

membership secretary - craig hamilton

You are very welcome to come and join any of our club runs, without any obligation to join, for three complimentary runs. This is how I became a member. Previously I was happy to cycle on my own. I then discovered how much more enjoyable it was to cycle with like-minded people as in the A5 Rangers Cycling Club. Come and give it a go
Craig Hamilton

clothing coordinator - steve cockell

Details to follow.

Steve Cockell